Back to School: Makeup


It’s almost time kids! That’s right: Its almost time to hit the hallways again. With school days quickly approaching I created a series guide to help all those trendy girls out there transition from summer to studying. Don’t forget to take a look at next weeks topic: Back to School Fashion

Today’s subject: Makeup of course!

For a lot of girls, makeup at school is tricky. Some schools are really strict, while others aren’t. Other factors also come into play when it comes to back to school makeup like age and the amount of effort you want to put into this ordeal.

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The look I’m about to show is a semi-natural and super easy look. Throughout I will let you know which steps you can skip for a more minimal look, and which ones you can step up if looking glam everyday is your thing (I’m right there with ya girl). To show you exactly what I did I included all the products I used (in parentheses).

Pimer-Let’s {face} it. At least 6 hours working, studying and looking at the clock calls for some extra help. If you want to save on time, skip. Otherwise, its a must. (Maybelline Baby Skin Primer)

Foundation-Never skip. It can be BB Cream or something lightweight. High coverage isn’t necessary (L’Oreal True Match Lumi)

Eyeshadow-Totally skippable. If you want a little something, make it simple like what I’m wearing. (Maybelline Barely Brazen pigment on the lid; warm brown on the crease)

Eyeliner-I say put it on. It adds definition and makes you look more alive. If your school is strict, skip it. For a more gentle school-appropriate look, blend out brown eyeliner.

Back to School Makeup

Mascara-Never skip. Especially if your wearing eyeshadow or liner

Concelaer-Use that sucker. If your in school, chances are you have breakouts and concealer is your BFF. Since your waking up early you definitely want to brighten up and cover those bags! (Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer)

Powder-Again, 6 hours. It’ll help your makeup stay. Use a light hand to avoid looking like a cake face (Maybelline Dream Wonder)

Bronzer-Totally skip. This is the most unnecessary step. (Benefit Hoola)

Blush-Need. A little color goes a long way.

Lipstick-Pick your poison. You have a lot to choose from when it comes to lips and what your comfy with. You can go totally naked, you can wear a balm (tinted or not), just a gloss, lipstick or a combination (L’Oreal LeBalm)

With no lipstick!
With no lipstick!

Bonus: A setting spray. To make sure, again, that it lasts all day.(I used Nyx’s dewy one to soften my makeup and make it look more natural)

Make sure to stay tuned for more of the Back to School Series! What do you like to wear on your face when it comes to school? What would you like to see as part of my Back to School Series? Also let me know if you’d like to see posts like these accompanied with a video, for a more detailed explanation.

Remember, you’re only as stunning as your inner beauty. But a little lipstick never hurt 😉




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