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Back to School: Sorority Recruitment Outfits and Advice


It’s almost time kids! That’s right: Its almost time to hit the hallways again. With school days quickly approaching I created a series guide to help all those trendy girls out there transition from summer to studying. Don’t forget to take a look at the other addition to this series on Back to School,  Makeup! Next week’s topic: Fashion!

Today’s subject: RECRUITMENT

Hello PNM’s!

I was once in your shoes (really uncomfortable wedges) and know exactly how you feel. Whether you know all there is to know about recruitment or you’re going in blind, I put together some outfits and advice from someone whose gone through recruitment, and is seeing it from the other side as well!

Sorority Recruitment- (1)

Disclaimer: Every school is different so some of these days and themes may not apply to you.

Casual Wear: Some do it the second day, mine was on my first. Typically Panhellenic will provide a Tshirt for PNMs to wear one day. Match it with your cutest shorts or pants if you feel more comfortable! I wore the outfit to the left to my recruitment!


Shorts: Lily Pulitzer   Anything Lilly goes. Any day.

Sandals: Jack Rogers

Casual: My school didn’t have this round, but a lot do. This is your chance to show how effortlessly beautiful you can be!

Casual (1)

Dress: Apricot Lane  Similar dress here

Semi-Casual: Not too casual, not too fancy. Just right. I wore the one on the left!

SemiCasual (2)

Dress On the Left: Original Piece   Similar dress here

Dress on the Right: A’Gaci   Similar dress here

Cocktail Dress: Whatever you do, do try to show off any body parts you think are hot. Showing your womanhood may impress frats but sororities are not going to dig it from the start. I wore this dress to my rush (when it fit better!)

Cocktail Dress

Dress: Forever 21   Cocktail dress here


Be Yourself 

If it’s one piece of advice you should listen to, it’s this one. Girls will pick up on you trying to be anyone but yourself. Remember, your looking for your home. The girls need to see you for who you truly are.

Don’t Take Off Your Shoes 

Trust me, if you take them off and put them back on, they will have swollen up and now feel much worse.

Go in With an Open Mind 

Even if you go in with your mind made up, don’t let that consume you. Take in every sorority and have fun! You will probably only have one chance to go through rush (i totally envy you’re opportunity to see all the sororities)

Practice Talking About Yourself 

It sounds weird but it’s all you’ll do for three days. Think about what you’re proud of, what you like to do, and what makes you who you are. And learn to say it in a way that doesn’t sound cocky.

Practice Talking to Strangers 

Sounds stupid but most of us are used to talking to people who already know us or it’s a gradual process. Recreuiment is more like “OMG HEY NICE TO MEET YOU TELL ME YOUR LIFE STORY” So practice talking to strangers.

Don’t Let Anyone Influence Your Decision 

This is your decision. Not your best friend’s. your sister’s or your Aunt Suzie’s

Don’t Judge Sororities With Superficial Motives

Appearances don’t matter. Perfection on the inside doesn’t always reflect the inside.

Hydrate and Eat

We don’t want to pass out

Bring Sweats, Pillows, and a Blanket

It can be a long time in between parties

Don’t Be Heartbroken

Sad truth is a lot of girls get dropped by their first choice. If that’s you, don’t be the girl who cries. It’s a big decision, but give what you were given a shot. You might find your home where you least expect it.


Don’t get stuck in your head, be stressed or have anything less than a good time! Every girl already in a sorority would LOVE to be able to go through this again. Like seriously I regret not having more fun with it.

I hope everyone has an amazing recruitment!! Please send me any questions, concerns or stories you might have!

Remember, you are only as stunning as your inner beauty. But a little lipstick never hurt 🙂




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