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Back to School: Fashion


It’s almost time kids! That’s right: Its almost time to hit the hallways again. With school days quickly approaching I created a series guide to help all those trendy girls out there transition from summer to studying.

Today’s Subject: Fashion!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of this series where I talk about Back to School makeup and more to come!

On campus, I love the fact that I can decide if I want to look like I’m going to the gym one day, and look like I’m ready for the runway the next day. These outfits are something I would totally wear around my college and hopefully they will inspire your own style!



Holding onto summer for dear life? Me too!

Top: Forever 21   Similar top here 

Shorts: Versona   Similar shorts here

Necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: Zulily



If you’re looking to transition to an adult style, I’m with ya! Dressy, comfy and cute! WIN!

Tank: Forever 21

Blazer: A’GACI    Similar blazer here 

Shorts: Versona  Similar shorts here

Shoes: Zulily



Being in a sorority, I can’t help but love looking like a prepster.

Top: A’Gaci   Similar top here

Shorts: Don’t remember!  Similar to this is anything Lily Pulitzer

Shoes: Jack Rogers Platinum



While I’m at a loss for how to describe this look in one word, I don’t care because it’s cute and that’s all that matters!

Top: Charlotte Russe

Skirt: Versona

Hat: Forever 21

I hope everyone has a wonderful school year! I want to know what your first day back to school outfit will be! Stay tuned for the next addition to my back to school series!

Remember, you’re only as stunning as your inner beauty. But a little lipstick never hurt! 🙂


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