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Pretty Little Liars Series: Spencer Hastings Inspired Look

I’d be a liar (pun intended) if I told you I’m a regular PLL viewer. I’m so behind on this series, it’ll be over before I finish the first season. But! I was super inspired by their different styles that I wanted to show you how I would adapt their makeup, hair and fashion styles to embody them myself. Hope you enjoy!   -A (Just kidding it’s Jacqueline…or is it?)


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Today’s look: Spencer Hastings


Spencer’s makeup has a few classic features: her skin is naturally flawless, her eyes are usually natural and a bit smokey, her face and lips are primarily nude.

Because her skin is so perfect naturally, she usually wears very sheer foundation, which is exactly what I did.

Spen 1

{Primer} {Foundation} {Eyelid Primer}

Her eyes are very natural smoked out a bit on the outer corner. The color appears to be swept upwards from the outer V towards the brow.

spen 2

{Transition color} {Warm Brown}

I finished up the eyes with the highlight on the inner portion of the lid.

Spen 3

{White shadow} {Gel liner}

Next I curled my lashes to get Spencer’s long las line. Then I did the following typical makeup steps: Mascara, concealer, eyebrows and powder.

-Rustic Mornings


Spencer’s hair is the most diverse of all the Liars. It’s been curled, straight, in between, in ponytails, braids. Everything. So today to switch it up I decided to straighten it and put it in a pony tail.



I love Spencer’s Style. It’s so professional chic. This is how I matched her style with mine.


{Button down} {Pants} {Shoes}

I hope you enjoyed this Pretty Little Liars series! If you haven’t read the others, go check them out! And stay tuned for the last installment in the series: Emily!

Remember, you’re only as stunning as your inner beauty. But a little lipstick never hurt! 🙂




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