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Pretty Little Liars Series: Emily Fields

It’s my final installment in my Pretty Little Liars series and I’m so excited to share with you my Emily Fields Inspired Look!

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Emily’s look is naturally and effortlessly flawless. The trick to her makeup is to make it look like its effortless…even if you put more time into than you’d like people to believe.

-Rustic Mornings

I started with a sheer application of foundation to mimic her natural skin. With Emily, the eye makeup is as simply as it gets. I took a black eyeshadow on an angled brush and drew a thin line. Then I slightly filled in my brows, applied mascara and used concealer to help with problem spots and under eye darkness.

-Rustic Mornings (1)

Emily is naturally bronzed, so I added a bit of PopBeauty bronzer to my contour zones. Then I used MAC Warm Soul for blush to add some subtle, warm color. To finish up I applied a nude lip from Maybelline. That was easy wasn’t it!?


Emily’s hair changed from time to time, but I thin her classic hairstyle is big waves.

Corrector Colors

I used a medium size barrel to curl large pieces of hair away from my face. After I did that to my whole head, i gently ran my fingers through my hair to soften the girls. Emily’s look is the most straightforward and easy inspired look ever!!


I’ll be the first to say that Emily and I have very different styles. She’s so laid back and simple, while looking stunning at the same time. (I have to put in effort. Not fair)


Top from Forever 21   Similar top here

Jeans from American Eagle 

Although I’m sad to see this series end, I’ve had a lot of fun pretending to be other people these last few weeks! I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as well! Let me know who I should be inspired by next!

Remember, you’re only as stunning as your inner beauty. But a little lipstick never hurt 😉

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Pretty Little Liars Series: Spencer Hastings Inspired Look

I’d be a liar (pun intended) if I told you I’m a regular PLL viewer. I’m so behind on this series, it’ll be over before I finish the first season. But! I was super inspired by their different styles that I wanted to show you how I would adapt their makeup, hair and fashion styles to embody them myself. Hope you enjoy!   -A (Just kidding it’s Jacqueline…or is it?)


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Today’s look: Spencer Hastings


Spencer’s makeup has a few classic features: her skin is naturally flawless, her eyes are usually natural and a bit smokey, her face and lips are primarily nude.

Because her skin is so perfect naturally, she usually wears very sheer foundation, which is exactly what I did.

Spen 1

{Primer} {Foundation} {Eyelid Primer}

Her eyes are very natural smoked out a bit on the outer corner. The color appears to be swept upwards from the outer V towards the brow.

spen 2

{Transition color} {Warm Brown}

I finished up the eyes with the highlight on the inner portion of the lid.

Spen 3

{White shadow} {Gel liner}

Next I curled my lashes to get Spencer’s long las line. Then I did the following typical makeup steps: Mascara, concealer, eyebrows and powder.

-Rustic Mornings


Spencer’s hair is the most diverse of all the Liars. It’s been curled, straight, in between, in ponytails, braids. Everything. So today to switch it up I decided to straighten it and put it in a pony tail.



I love Spencer’s Style. It’s so professional chic. This is how I matched her style with mine.


{Button down} {Pants} {Shoes}

I hope you enjoyed this Pretty Little Liars series! If you haven’t read the others, go check them out! And stay tuned for the last installment in the series: Emily!

Remember, you’re only as stunning as your inner beauty. But a little lipstick never hurt! 🙂



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Back to School: Fashion


It’s almost time kids! That’s right: Its almost time to hit the hallways again. With school days quickly approaching I created a series guide to help all those trendy girls out there transition from summer to studying.

Today’s Subject: Fashion!

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On campus, I love the fact that I can decide if I want to look like I’m going to the gym one day, and look like I’m ready for the runway the next day. These outfits are something I would totally wear around my college and hopefully they will inspire your own style!



Holding onto summer for dear life? Me too!

Top: Forever 21   Similar top here 

Shorts: Versona   Similar shorts here

Necklace: Forever 21

Shoes: Zulily



If you’re looking to transition to an adult style, I’m with ya! Dressy, comfy and cute! WIN!

Tank: Forever 21

Blazer: A’GACI    Similar blazer here 

Shorts: Versona  Similar shorts here

Shoes: Zulily



Being in a sorority, I can’t help but love looking like a prepster.

Top: A’Gaci   Similar top here

Shorts: Don’t remember!  Similar to this is anything Lily Pulitzer

Shoes: Jack Rogers Platinum



While I’m at a loss for how to describe this look in one word, I don’t care because it’s cute and that’s all that matters!

Top: Charlotte Russe

Skirt: Versona

Hat: Forever 21

I hope everyone has a wonderful school year! I want to know what your first day back to school outfit will be! Stay tuned for the next addition to my back to school series!

Remember, you’re only as stunning as your inner beauty. But a little lipstick never hurt! 🙂